A few quick steps to upgrade...
Follow these simple instructions to download the new Netscape Internet Service software.
It's fast and easy - you'll be back online in just a few minutes.
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To get started:
1) Click on the Download Now button below.
2) When you see the screen on the right click 'Save'. Some Operating systems may display a Security Warning before the software installs. If you see this, click 'Yes' to continue with the download.
3) Choose your directory location and make sure to note into which directory you save the NSaccsetup.exe file.
4) You must exit the Netscape Internet Service before installing the new software.
5) After exiting, go to the directory where you saved the file in Step 3, and double-click on the NSaccsetup.exe program.
6) Follow the onscreen instructions to set up the Netscape software. When finished, click the 'Sign On' button to connect to the Netscape Internet Service.
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